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Clearview Social Administrator Resources
Clearview Social Administrator Resources

Articles to help administrators get up and running with Clearview Social

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Single Sign-on with Clearview SocialResources to help get your organization configured to use our single sign-on feature.
Configuring Single Sign-on with Azure ADStep-by-step instructions to get your organization signing on with the Azure AD Identity Platform.
User Suggested ContentSuggest content that you think is interesting to your admins.
Configuring Single Sign-on with OneLoginStep-by-step instructions to get your organization signing on with the OneLogin Identity Platform.
Configuring Single Sign-on with OktaStep-by-step instructions to get your organization signing on with the Okta Identity Platform.
Improving your Engagement within GroupsTips and tricks for improving your User Engagement when you are the leader of a Group.
Customizing Your Team's Email TemplatesPut that special corporate-branding touch on your Queue and Welcome emails to keep your brand consistent.
What is Self-Enrollment?Self-enrollment is a simple way to allow your users to sign themselves up for a Clearview Social account.
Sharing to Company PagesYou can now use Clearview Social to post to your teams' company pages!
Using the Clearview Social BookmarksClearview Social makes it easy for you to get content from the web and share it with your audience.
Checking Results & Exporting DataLearn how to extract value from the data your Clearview Social generates.
Using Virtual AssistantHow to use Virtual Assistant to automatically share to a user's social network.
Tagging & Tracking Individual ClicksClearview Social lets you individually identify the people in your social network, so you can pinpoint their clicks personally later.
Using URL Referral Tracking To Ascribe Credit For ConversionsWhen driving traffic to convertible content, such as event signups or subscriptions, you can credit the users driving the conversions.
How to Set Content ExpirationHow to set queue content to expire using Content Expiration
Original PostingA feature that allows you to create a share with an image, text or both.
Slack IntegrationLearn about how our Slack Integration makes sharing queues even easier!
Queue CategoriesOrganize your content effectively with Queue Categories.
Intro to AmplificationLearn how your company can amplify your curated content.
Amplification V.2How auto likes can help your content get more views.
Social ShuffleLearn how you can make every one of your shares unique to you.
Instagram Company PostingLearn how to post Clearview Social content through Instagram