Can a User Edit a Queued Share?

How a User can change a Queue's contents and images.

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Once a Queue has been sent out, the details of each individual Share are not fixed. The User has full control over what goes out to their social network. All of the tweaks and comments you set up when creating the Queue will still transfer over, but the User has the final say. We are often asked if we can override this, but due to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter's terms of service, the User must always have final say over what is displayed on their timelines.

What if a User deletes the image?

It's not possible to delete an image outright, but a User can choose to replace the image that comes with the Share with one of their own or one of the stock images. If the User wishes to return to the original image, they can save the image they wish to use from the article and then upload that as the new image with the Share.

What if the User changes the headline or summary?

We've found that Users rarely change these fields unless it's to make the headline fit better inside Twitter's limited character count.

What if the User changes my comment?

We've found that it's actually advantageous for Users to add their own comments to Shares. This makes the Share seem organic, like it was something the User was inspired to share on their own without prompting. This kind of content gets better engagement than content that appears to be carbon-copied across multiple networks.

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