Understanding Queue Engagement

Queue Engagement is one of the most powerful pages in Clearview Social for understanding the impact of your work.

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The Queue Engagement page, accessible from the navigation menu directly below Build Queues, is the cornerstone of our software for reviewing how well your team is responding to the content you're sending out to them. Every time you send a Queue, you should check back over the next few days to understand the impact your Queue is having among your users.

  1. The face of the administrator that sent this Queue.

  2. The title (subject line) of the Queue. Here, we see that this queue was generated based off of preferences via Industry News.

  3. A quick summary of how many distinct users got involved and how many total shares came from their efforts. If a user shares multiple times or to multiple services, it will count multiple times here. For quick perusal, their faces are included here to summarize who's who at-a-glance. (We limit the faces shown at a certain reasonable point. If there would be hundreds of faces, we cut off the rest for practicality and you'll need to export your data to see the full list.)

  4. The Earned Media Value your organization has gained from the traffic this Queue resulted in. Learn more about Earned Media Value here.

    5. Duplicate Queue will bring a copy of this Queue back to life in Draft status on the Build Queues page. Common use cases for this include reusing a successful older Queue as a template, sending the same Queue over and over again to different Groups with slight tweaks each time, or resending an unsuccessful Queue with improvements.

    6. You can export the data found here to CSV for analysis offline and for a more detailed breakdown of what happened with each individual link.

Now, let's drill down into the Engagement with one specific Queue. Click on the title of any sent queue to bring up further details on it.

Queue Engagement Details For a Specific Queue

  1. Here you can see your team members who have opened this Queue.

  2. Here you can see team members who have not opened this queue.  The Resend button will instantly resend this Queue to only the users who appear in the list below. We recommend resending each Queue at least once, one or two days later and after-hours if possible; users can be very busy people who ignored the email the first time around.

  3. Here you can see the specifics of exactly who shared which item and what Earned Media Value benefit your organization gained. Look for patterns in the items that get shared the most and earn you the most EMV!

  4. If you have sent an item in error, Revoke any item to remove it out of your users' Share Articles link library. There is no unsending an email, of course—the original emails sitting in their inbox will still show the revoked item—but users who attempt to share a revoked item will find it gone from their Share Articles link library. Common use cases have involved accidentally releasing a post that wasn't ready for consumption yet, correcting errors, or sending to the wrong recipients.

Please note that our tracking of when an email was opened, while industry-standard, cannot be perfect. Not all methods of opening emails can be tracked; some email clients specifically block open receipts and some setups involving mail forwarding will lose track of the open-receipt pixel. 

From time to time, a user will Share an item despite having "Not Opened" the Queue. This could be for one of two reasons:

  • The user did open the Queue, but the open receipt didn't take for the reasons described above; or,

  • The user did not, in fact, open the Queue from an email, but came directly to Clearview Social and saw it in their Share Articles link library, and shared it from there. (This is quite common.)

We prepared a video that explains Queue Engagement further:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing support@clearviewsocial.com or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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