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What to do when you've added a new feed or added content to an existing feed, but the Content Library doesn't show the latest articles.

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The Content Library is a feature available to anyone in the Growth tier and above.

Perhaps someone within your organization has added a new article to a feed managed by Clearview Social or you (the administrator) have added a new RSS feed. You try to draft a new Queue with this content, but it does not show up in your Content Library.  The following are some possible causes as to what went wrong.

The Content Library is available when drafting a new queue.

The feed script has not run yet

Clearview Social runs a script at a five-minute interval that will retrieve all RSS feeds and look for new articles within those feeds.  If you don't immediately see your content, the script may still be processing your feed.  We typically recommend waiting between five to ten minutes after adding new content before it will be visible in the Content Library.

Clearview Social is unable to read the feed

RSS feeds follow a standard format that most blogging software will conform to when creating articles.  However, there occasionally may be an error in the formatting of an RSS feed, and if this occurs our software may not be able to retrieve new articles.

An out-of-date feed on the RSS Feeds page will have a yellow icon.

An article does not have a published URL

If you've saved an article to your blogging platform, you may still need to publish it.  Some platforms will not provide a URL for your content until you publish it, which would prevent the content from appearing in your Content Library.

All of the dates on the content are the same - and they're all today

When Clearview Social reads in an RSS feed, we look for certain publish date fields that are standard in RSS feeds.  If we are unable to find one, we use the current date.  If your content was published a while back but shows the current date, there is likely something wrong with the published date attached to the articles in the feed.

An up-to-date feed on the RSS Feeds page will have a green icon.

Here is a video we created covering a few of these topics:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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