My Queue Won't Send

Sometimes, a Clearview Social Queue doesn't appear to be sending. Here are some common causes.

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Life cycle of an approved Queue

  1. A Clearview Social administrator marks a Queue as Approved (via either scheduling it or sending immediately). 

  2. The Clearview Social Queue processor runs every minute. (This means that in the most inconvenient case, if you approve your Queue the moment the processor just finished running, it might not have begun processing yet.)

  3. The Queue processor runs through the eligible recipients in your organization. For each recipient, the processor compiles their unique copy of the Queue email and sends it. There can be a half a second to five seconds between iterations while the processor waits for confirmed delivery of the previous email before continuing to the next. (This means that if you are sending to a large pool of users, their delivery will be slightly staggered. A Queue for 150 users may arrive across two to ten minutes).

  4. The Queue processor serves customers in a first-come-first-served fashion, somewhat like standing in... well, a queue. If Organization ABC is sending and then you Send Immediately, your first email will be sent when ABC's last email finishes.

  5. The Queue processor never misses a Queue. The first-come-first-served line only ever grows until everybody is served. Occasionally, Queue processing will suffer a service interruption at Clearview Social. When this happens, no data is lost. Queue processing will pick up where it left off with the first unserved customer left in line. When Queue processing resumes, it may take some time to clear its backlog, but no Queue is ever missed.

Check Your Spam Folder

Since Clearview Social is a service that sends similar-looking emails to dozens or even hundreds of recipients at your organization in a short time frame, it can run afoul of spam filters. While occasionally frustrating, this is expected behavior—after all, a good spam filter is only doing its job if it filters out an email that arrives identically to a hundred users at once.

If you have approved a queue and it's not showing up in your inbox, please check your Spam folders. This includes not only the Junk Email or Spam folder in your email client—such as Outlook—but also the Spam folder or holding area of any other service your organization might use at the server-level, such as ProofPoint, MIMECast, or Cisco.

Patience Is A Virtue

Queues don't always arrive as soon as you press Send Immediately. Often, the problem is that the processor hasn't come to your turn yet. It might be busy serving another customer before you or it might have begun sending as expected but is currently still sending to your peers and hasn't arrived at your copy yet.

Please always allow twenty minutes for a queue to send; it's definitely normal for queues to take five to ten minutes even under normal conditions. But, if you're worried, it's always okay to:

Ask Away, We'll Always Answer

We use Mandrill by Mailchimp to send all our emails, and one excellent feature of Mandrill is 100% auditable deliverability logs going back thirty days with on-demand resend going back 48 hours. We are always listening in the Intercom Chat in the lower right corner of Clearview Social and if you ask for an update on your Queue's sending status, we have access to up-to-the-second information on the delivery status of every single email.

(Above is an example of the sort of data that our team has access to. If you have a user who is having difficulty receiving a queue, simply ask and we'll check the above—with accurate deliverability receipts and on-demand resends.)

We also have created a video covering a handful of these topics:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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