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Learn how to extract value from the data your Clearview Social generates.

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There are two tiers of results in Clearview Social: your personal results and your team's results.

Personal Results

On the Results page, which is accessible to everybody, each user can see the fruits of their own recent labors. The Results page looks different to each user on your team, according to their own performance.

  1. Your gorgeous mug. This is one result we can't take credit for.

  2. Your rank on the Leaderboard, total all-time Shares in Clearview Social, total Clicks, and your current Leaderboard Score.

  3. View the Leaderboard here (more on this below) to compare yourself to your peers.

  4. If you've shared in the last week, the results of your actions will be shown here. Shares will appear in reverse chronological order, along with how many clicks they've received.

  5. Click Find Out Who to see who has viewed your posts. If we have any Find Out Who data to share that isn't anonymous (which is to say, not obscured behind a telecom name such as "Time Warner Customer"), it will appear here.

  6. Top Global Shares are the links that are gathering the most steam on Clearview Social right now. If you see something here that appeals to you, click "Share" to join the fun yourself. The headline will hyperlink you to the article so you can read it for yourself.


Your team's Leaderboard can help bring out the competitiveness in your team by showing all of your users ranked by the successfulness of their sharing. Direct your users to the Leaderboard to encourage them to attempt to outdo one another in Score, and check the Leaderboard yourself to see which users are leading the charge and which are lagging behind.

Your score is calculated from the number of clicks a share may get, plus the total clicks a share may get.  For example, if you have an estimated SocialScore of 10 from a share, and five people click on it, then your total SocialScore for that share on your leaderboard would be 15.  To learn more about SocialScore, you can read more about this metric here: What Is SocialScore™, and How Is It Calculated?

You can click on any user's name in the Leaderboard to go see their Results page for more details about what they've been sharing.

  1. Choose a Group from this list in order to filter your team and compare the rankings of a subset of users rather than Everyone.

  2. Your users show in order of descending score, with the highest sharers at the top of this list.

  3. Export the aggregated data of your team with this dialog in the upper-right corner. (Only administrators can see this link—this doesn't appear to your users.)

There are four ways you can export your team's performance over a given date range:

  1. Share & Click Totals By User: this data layout most closely resembles the Leaderboard view itself, rolling up the shares and clicks into each user.

  2. Share Records: this data layout breaks out each individual share per user that's happened within the date range with columns for details such as what social network was shared to, what specific time the share happened, how many clicks arrived on that particular share, and more.

  3. Click Records: this data layout breaks out each individual click we have attributed to our software, including the exact moment it occurred, how we credited it, to what IP and source we attributed it to, and more. (You shouldn't need this view unless you are interested in auditing the quality of our click tracking.)

  4. LeadForensics Visitor Records: this data pertains to anything relating to Find Out Who information. This is a list of business entities that were retrieved from the LeadForensics API. To learn more about this, you can read What is Find Out Who?

Please note that in data exports, all times given are GMT. We do not internally store the times relative to each users' timezone to avoid confusion, so please be aware of your time zone offset from GMT.

Here is a video we have prepared about our Results Page:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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