Best Practices for Creating Engaging Queues

Common tips and tricks to help get your users sharing from queues.

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Include an image for every Item

The Queue email looks much more vibrant with images next to each item. If an article you're including doesn't have an associated image, simply mouse over your image to select an image from our Media Library.

You can even upload an image of your choosing.  Just make sure it is under 2 MB of space.

A Queue with ten articles of only text can seem intimidating. Users respond better to articles with images—and that's not even taking into account that articles with images are also more often viewed and clicked once shared to social media.

Send Before the Morning Commute or at the End of the Workday

You're probably building your Queues during the workday, and it's understandable you'd like your users to reap the fruits of your labor as soon as possible—but take your finger off that "Send Immediately" button.

Studies have shown that emails are least effective during the workday. Users are often busy with their main jobs and will disregard the email as something they don't have time for right at that moment.

Try sending at the end of the workday to catch people as they're putting their work away for the day, or during their commute home so that they see the email during idle time when they are more likely to be on social media anyway. Or, get that Queue in their inboxes bright and early—send it before the morning commute so that it gets spotted before work steals their attention for the day.

Send Queues To Groups Rather Than "Everyone"

A User who frequently receives Queues with items that are not relevant to them will quickly learn to disregard Queue emails. The most successful Clearview Social administrators segment their Users into Groups and only send each Queue to the Group(s) it's most relevant to.

Some ways that Users are often arranged into Groups include:

  • By practice area (Bankruptcy, Environmental, Tax, Civil, etc)

  • By physical office location (Dallas Office, Atlanta Office, UK Office, etc)

  • By org chart department (Marketing Team, Partner, Paralegal, HR, etc)

Since Users can be placed into multiple Groups, we encourage you to use all of these distinctions to most effectively segment the recipients of your emails. Then, news about a banquet could be shared only to Users who live in that region, whereas a think piece about breaking industry news could be shared only to Users who practice in that industry, and so on.

Include a Custom Message

Give your users a little direction or backstory that prompts them to consider the worthiness of sharing these articles. A good message contains a call-to-action as well as some information that helps the user understand why the article is so important.

Some custom messages from some Clearview administrators that have had strong response:

  • Our newsletters are always popular over social media. Make sure to keep your online community aware of what's happening in the world with regard to international treaties.

  • Please promote our quarterly fundraiser. We're trying to get as many attendees as possible for the charity—feel free to share this one several times to maximize visibility.

  • (Partner name) released a Legal Alert on Thursday and (other partner name) has several blog posts that you might want to share. They have great insights on these areas, so please spread these articles around.

Vary the Subject Line

Studies (including one by MailChimp that analyzed over 200 million emails) have found that emails with repetitive subject lines eventually cause a diminished response, even with those users who enjoy and engage with the campaign. Consider playing with the tone, phrasing, and pitch of your Queue's subject line each week. After all, even a user who responds well to Clearview Social emails may subconsciously feel bored by the tenth "Your Weekly Share For The Week Of ____".

Some subject lines from some Clearview administrators that have had strong response:

  • Articles For Your LinkedIn & Twitter

  • Some Pharmaceutical Industry stories you can share

  • Timely content for your online connections

  • What's happening online this week

  • Latest updates for sharing to your online community

  • Bankruptcy Law Breaking News Update

  • Tell your friends about the (firm name) news

With a successful Clearview Social initiative at your company, you might send hundreds of Queues. Keep them fresh so your users never tire.

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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