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Step-by-step instructions to building and sending out article queues.

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We at Clearview Social pride ourselves on putting a system together that gets your whole team sharing content with their social networks. As the team's administrator, you start the whole process by sending them a collection (Queue) of article links that relate to your organization. The members of your team can then easily share these links to their connected social networks.

Queue Up!

The whole process begins on the Build Queues page. 

Here you can create new Queues as well as manage ones that have already been built. For the sake of this tutorial, let's assume this is your first time building a Queue.

Step 1: Create a Queue

Since this is the first Queue you'll be making, you will see a message that says, "You don't have any queues upcoming - why not Build A Queue now?". Although clicking on this link would be a fine place to start, let's get you queuing the proper way through the Create Queue button, found on the Build Queues page under Admin Controls. 

This brings up the Queue Builder where you can start adding the articles that will be sent out to your team.  

Step 2: Adding Shares

There are two different ways to add articles to your Queue:

The Content Library
In the right column, there is suggested content as well as content from your RSS feeds. Use this to browse and preview articles followed by clicking Add To Queue. Before you know it, you will have quickly filled your Queue with your firm’s content.

Add content into your Queue

This section is where most all shared content will be filtered through. Items like article links, images, and short videos can be uploaded via our Media Library, Advanced Image Editor and Native Video features. Just copy any article link, paste it in the box, and click Add Post. The article will then appear in the Queue below.

If you would like to learn more about our Advanced Image Editor and our Native Video Features, you can click here:

When you have added an article into your queue, you will see something like this:

You can click on one of these two buttons to either edit this image or replace it with something else via the Media Library.

Step 3: Pick When and Who

Once you're done assembling your Queue, you can choose to have it go out to your entire team at the next available time slot or you can customize who gets it and when. Both of these can be adjusted at the top of the window.

By clicking on the current share date, you can access the Queue's scheduler. On it, you can change the date and time to better fit your schedule. (Data shows the best time to send Queues is before the morning commute or around relaxation time in the evening, when users won’t be too busy to open it. Learn more about queue best practices.)

Once you're happy with the new time slot, confirm it by clicking on the Close button. 

*Your Queue will reach your Users at that time, in their local time zone. 

Next, use the Sharing to field to send your Queues to everyone at your organization or specific pre-defined groups and users.

Groups can be used for many different purposes, including organizing users by practice type or location. You may want to explore how to manage your Users which includes setting up Groups for your organization.

Step 4: Send a Preview to Yourself

When you're just getting started with Clearview Social, it's easy to get caught up in the spirit of sharing. You're excited at the prospect of getting your content out to your users. We understand. But before you do that, it's a good idea to see how this is going to look to the members of your team. 

As the label indicates, clicking on Send Preview at the bottom of the page will send a copy of the Queue email to your address only. Once you've received the test email and reviewed it, you can move on to approving your Queue (please allow up to 20 minutes for it to arrive, and keep an eye on your spam folders if your IT department hasn’t whitelisted Clearview Social yet).

Step 5: Approve the Queue!

After you've gone through the above steps and everything looks good you can approve your Queue to go out as scheduled. Clicking on Approve at the bottom of the screen will do just this. Then, your Queue Builder will close and the queue name will appear on the list of outgoing Queues. Up until their scheduled time, you may edit, send, cancel, or un-approve your Queues by selecting them from this list.

We have even developed a way for you to share queues through the program Slack.

Simply build a queue as normal and when you are ready to deploy your queue, click on this button here. You will be taken through a few prompts and then be asked which Slack channel this queue should be deployed to. You can then share each article in this queue as usual or share all of them via the Clearview Social software.

Take it Further

Okay, you've got the basics. Go out and build a Queue. Better yet, try building a few. Once you've gotten the hang of it, see how you can fine-tune the experience through best practices for creating engaging Queues.

Want to see this feature in action? Here is a video we created about How To Build a Queue:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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