Tagging users in Linkedin and Twitter

Here is how you can shout out your team within our Queue Builder!

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We have been hard at work improving our software and are continuing to iterate on new ways to augment your sharing experience. We would like to show you an additional feature we have added. Did you know you can now tag your users Linkedin profiles in our Queue Builder?

Here is a brief overview of how that works:

When building a queue, ensure that "Customize Per Network" is turned on as seen here:

Once Linkedin has been selected, you can type out your teammates name here and if they have a Linkedin account connected, you should see a brief pop up like this:

This can also be done with Twitter as well:

Then, this content can be shared as normal. The end result will display like this:

This will link you back to your user's profile page on Linkedin!

We also created a brief video going over the basics of this addition:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing support@clearviewsocial.com or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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