Single Sign-on with Clearview Social

Resources to help get your organization configured to use our single sign-on feature.

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Important: This tutorial applies to organizations in either our Growth tier, or higher tiers. If you are on another plan, please contact support.


We now offer single sign-on for users of Clearview Social. Many organizations set up users in a centralized identity store, and then use single sign-on (SSO) as a means of allowing access to third-party applications.

Supported Platforms

Clearview Social now offers SSO configuration capabilities for the following platforms (specific help docs are linked here):

Supported Features

Our single sign-on integrations offer the following default capabilities:

  • Automatic user provisioning

  • Group assignments (to existing groups created in Clearview Social)

  • Identity Provider (IDP) or Service Provider (SP) -initiated login

For additional professional services, we are also able to offer:

  • Automatic de-provisioning

  • Custom logic for mapping user attributes

Please see our additional help docs for information on how to connect your organization to Clearview Social using SSO!

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