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Organize your content effectively with Queue Categories.

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We have developed a way for our admins to organize articles and content within queues they build in the queue builder. This feature is available in all subscription tiers. We call this Queue Categories.

In order to access this feature, go to the Build Queue section.

When this screen comes up, you will see the Queue Categories feature right here:

You can create categories in this field here. These will be what you can organize your content into. You can easily delete a category by clicking its corresponding X.

The first category in this list is considered the default category, by default named "uncategorized". You can move categories around if you want a different default category. If you see a pink rectangle, this means that this category has been added into this specific queue. You can add and remove these categories as you see fit.

Within the Build Queue section, you can turn Queue Categories on and off here:

You can then access this dropdown menu here which will show off the previously added categories that can be added into this queue.

This will create blank categories that you can use in your queue.

When adding articles into your queue, they will go into your default category automatically. You can then assign and reassign your content to these categories.

Each category is collapsible and movable, which will allow you to further customize your content.

Once your queue is ready to deploy, you can share it as normal. This is what your queue will look like in an email:

We created a video that goes over the features of Queue Categories here:

Any Further Questions?

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