How to Set Content Expiration

How to set queue content to expire using Content Expiration

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We here at Clearview Social have created a feature that will allow you to set an expiration date for your shares and content. This can be helpful if you are advertising webinars or conferences that will have time sensitive information contained within. This will also aid administrators because this will ensure that this content is not shared beyond a designated point in time.

While administrators can still revoke content that they do not want shared, we have made things even easier with this automated feature. This way administrators can focus their time on building worthwhile queues for their teammates.

How it works:

As administrators generate queues, they will have access to a "Set Expiration" button within each article window.

This will open a pop up window that will allow for a specific date and time to be chosen for expiration.

This will allow the expiration date of choice to be displayed on the selected article card. This date can always be changed and modified before this queue is sent out by clicking on the date chosen. Administrators can cancel expiration by simply clicking on Cancel Expiration.

Administrators will finally see this within queue emails, including a prompt that will clearly indicate that this selected article will not be sharable after a specific date. This will also be shown on its content card within our software.

We have prepared a video for you on this topic, for your consideration:

Any Further Questions?

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