Allowing Subscriptions in your Groups

Learn how you can allow Users to subscribe to specific Groups.

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You now have the ability to allow your Users to subscribe to any group of their choosing, once you set that permission in each Group you'd like to allow subscriptions within. Here's how!

Start by making your way to the "Manage Groups" page, located within the "User Management" page.

From there, select the specific Group where you'd like to allow subscriptions, and simply select the "Allow Subscriptions to this Group" checkbox.


Once you do that, you'll receive a confirmation at the top of the page that the subscription selection has been altered for this particular group.  

You'll see this confirmation when activating or deactivating the subscription selection in any group. 

Moving forward, any User within your organization will be able to subscribe to this group. We have not added functionality to limit which Users can subscribe to which Groups, so please be aware if you have content only created for certain individuals.

Please keep in mind that this change will only affect the particular Group you made the change in. If you'd like to apply this change to all Groups, you will need to select that checkbox in every Group within your organization.

We have prepared a video on this topic for your consideration:

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