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Clearview Social offers two ways to share content: Industry News Feeds and User-Added RSS Feeds!

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There are now two additional ways you can get more control of the content you share on Clearview Social—Industry News Feeds and User-Added RSS Feeds.

Industry News Feeds

You can start scheduling content from one of our Industry News Feeds right away. These up-to-date feeds are provided by Manzama and cover a wide range of professional topics.  You can access Industry News from the Content Page:

From Industry News, you will be able to browse all of our Industry News feeds arranged by topic:

  1. Click on the dropdown box to select a feed for browsing.  The feed will appear with the most recent contents at the top of the list. You can select a feed to be automatically sent via email at weekly intervals or multiple times a week from this menu.

  2. This is where you can share individual articles.

  3. Your Shares. Previously shared articles will show here. You can share them again if you wish.

  4. Scheduled Shares. Any shares that are scheduled to be shared at a specific time will show up here.

  5. Create Share. This will allow you to share status updates, images, or anything that is not an article here.

User-Added RSS Feeds

There's more to this page than just Industry News Feeds. If you have other news feeds that you would like to add to Clearview Social for sharing content, we've got you covered.  With User-Added Feeds, you can add other RSS or Atom feeds from around the web and have content from those feeds ready to share through Clearview Social!

Adding a new RSS Feed

To add a new RSS Feed, click the Add a Feed button at the top-right corner of the page:

In the modal window that appears, enter the URL for the RSS Feed that you would like to add.  

When the feed is added, you will see the new feed's title appear in the dropdown above the Industry News Feeds.  It may take a few minutes to fetch the feed and gather its contents; we'll continue to poll the feed for new contents at regular intervals.

Note: You may also set up User-Added RSS Feeds to be automatically emailed to you.  There is no limit on the number of User-Added Feeds that can be setup for automatic emails!

Removing Auto-Feeds

At some point, you may decide to stop automatically sending feed content to your inbox.  You can remove this feed by clicking the "Following" button next to your chosen feed.

Pocket and Buzzsumo Integration

Are your users and admins stumped over what content they should share through Clearview Social? Pocket and Buzzsumo are three individual pipelines of content available to your users and admins for them to pull articles from.

This content will directly feed into your Industry News feed and you can share these articles from there.

Pocket and Buzzsumo collect together a series of articles from a number of different sources into one place.

While you can customize Pocket, Buzzsumo is automatically integrated into our software.

In order to set up this integration, go to your settings:

and locate Pocket under Content Connect. Click on Connect Account.

You will then come to this screen here. You will be prompted to sign in with a standard email and password or you can sign in with another platform if that suits you as well. Once done, your settings will indicate that you have been set up with Pocket.

Here is a vid we created previously about the Industry News section:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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