What is Self-Enrollment?

Self-enrollment is a simple way to allow your users to sign themselves up for a Clearview Social account.

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Introducing Self-Enrollment

Self-enrollment is an additional way to add users to Clearview Social. Instead of gathering every user's information (name, email address, etc) and manually entering it, either through the Add New User form or by uploading a spreadsheet, you can simply send a custom link to the people you want to add and they will fill out their own data. This link is specific to your company and only lets people with an email address using your company's domain create an account.

It is recommended that Users and Admins opt into our software via this tool to make this process as easy and as streamlined as possible.

Managing Enrollment Settings

You can find all of the controls for self-enrollment on the User Management page by clicking the Add Users button and Add New User button in the top right of the page.

This will open up the Add New User form, with an option for managing self-enrollment.

In the top section, you'll find your company-specific URL. This link can be shared to members of your organization to let them sign up for an account on Clearview Social. 

You'll note that there is a random string of numbers and letters at the end of this URL. That ensures that your custom URL is not guessable by anyone who may want to use the enrollment page to create erroneous accounts. If you ever think this link is compromised or if you simply want a new link, you can click Refresh Link to generate a new link. The old link will stop working and you will need to point new users to this new URL.

In the middle box, you will see an email domain associated with your company. Users will need to have an @yourcompany.com email address that matches this email domain in order to register. You can even register multiple domains if you would like to customize things further by selecting the Add New Domain link.

You can change this at any time with the Enrollment Email Domain and then clicking Save.

You can use this if you have multiple domains for your company by onboarding one batch at a time, where each batch uses the same domain suffix for their email addresses. Keep in mind that once you change it, users with other domains will not be able to get in, so make sure everyone from the first batch has enrolled before moving on to another. This will not affect logging in to Clearview Social or setting up a new account once the welcome email has been sent.

Finally, if you don't want to allow self-enrollment, or just aren't ready to take advantage of it yet, you can opt out by selecting the Opt Out of Self-Enrollment checkbox at the bottom of the modal and clicking Save.

This isn't a permanent decision. You can choose to opt back in any time by re-opening the Add a New User window and selecting the same option to reactivate Self Enrollment.

Once a user has filled out his or her information on the enrollment form, you'll find them listed on the User Management page as an invited user until they first log into the site. Since they initiated their own account creation by self-enrolling, there will likely not be much time between when the user enrolled and when they first logged in.

Self-Enrollment From the User's Side

When the user goes to the enrollment URL, they'll be presented with a form to fill out their name and email address.

They only need to enter their email username (the part before the @ symbol). The rest is assumed based on the domain that appears in the self-enrollment settings shown in the section above. Once this information has been entered and the user clicks Sign Up, a new "invited" user will be created and listed on the User Management page.

Once the form's been successfully submitted, the user will be prompted to check their email for their one-time login link.

The user will be sent the standard Welcome email with a link to log into the software so they can setup their account. Once they click the link, account setup continues as normal.

If you'd like to review what the rest of the account setup process looks like for the user, please read Setting Up Your Account.

We have prepared a video on this topic for your consideration:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing support@clearviewsocial.com or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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