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Learn how to subscribe to, use, and unsubscribe from Automatic Feeds and Queues.

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The Auto Generated Feeds are a great way to supply your Industry Feeds with sharable content relating to your organization. Using the Automatic Queue Creation tool, we can supply that same content directly to your Email inbox!

In order to add the feeds, simply navigate to your Industry News page:  

From there, click the drop-down menu from the top of your page and either search for the topic you'd like to see articles about, or scroll through the list available to you:

Once you find the topic you'd like to see articles about, simply click on that title to load that feed. This will also add the feed to your personal list of feeds you're following.

If you enjoy the content in this feed so much that you'd like to have a selection of articles emailed to you on a weekly basis, you have the ability to activate that Automatic Queue by clicking a calendar icon next to your chosen feed, and select which day of the week you'd like to receive that emailed queue:

You can also do this when you manually "Add a Feed" link via this button in the upper right corner of your Industry News page:

Start by inputting the RSS feed address into the available field:

The dropdown menu will then show you the following:

If you select the calendar icon, you will be able to specify a day of your choosing when to have updates delivered to your email.

Not sure if you've activated any feeds to be automatically queued and emailed to you each week? You can check this side pop out to check and see when you are getting these emails. You can simply select the day again if you wish to stop getting emails on that specific day.

Done with that feed all-together and don't want to see it in your list anymore? Simply click on the "Following" button next to your feed and it will be removed from your list.

We have prepared a video on this topic for your consideration:

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