Here at Clearview Social, our pricing is dependent on different feature tiers. Each item on the pricing document is explained below...

Users- Users are the employees and people inside your account that are intended to share the content you are suggesting to them. They are defined as a first name, last name and email address. 

Admins- The admins role is to manage your account and create queues for the Users to share from. 

Groups- Groups are used to send content to specific people based on position, practice area, project, region or any other label. They are also used to restrict permissions for admins (see Role Based Access Control). For more info click here

Unlimited Queue Sending- This is the ability to create unlimited email Queues and send them to your employees and teams to share from. For more info click here

Queue Analytics- After sending the Queue and sharing begins, checking the results is very important. We give you analytics and results visible on the Queue Engagement page, Analytics page and Results page. Click the links to find out more. 

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Posting- User's ability to share content to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter through Clearview Social.

Corporate Page Posting- The ability to share content directly to your company's LinkedIn page, Facebook page and Twitter account. For more info click here

User Dashboard- Individual User's ability to see the results from the Shares they put out.
Leaderboard- Ability to see individual User ranking based on different results such as Clicks, Shares, EMV and SocialScore. 

Support- We pride ourselves on having the best available support for our clients. You can message us directly through the support chat or at 

Find Out Who- The ability to find out who is clicking on your share content. For more info click here

Trainings- Our Client Success team will train and guide your company's admins and users.  A variety of training options other than User and Admin Trainings are available to choose from. Many of the trainings are available via video to make training options convenient. 

Online Training Library- We offer a wealth of knowledge to help training our Users and Admins on ever aspect of the software. 

Image Library- We give you the ability to save company branded and other images in your Clearview account so you know that your company's branding is spot on in every queue and optimal images saved and ready to go. Click here for more information.

RSS Feeds and Industry News- You can feed RSS Feeds from any website into your Clearview account. We also offer Industry News Feeds which gives you content available by topic. For more info click here and here

Self Enrollment- Your Users can sign themselves up under your account. For more info click here

Custom Branding- You have the ability to customize your Queue emails and Welcome emails. For more info click here

Tagging and Tracking- Ability to tag your connections and see if they are clicking on your content. 

Reserved Sending IP- We can assign you your own dedicated IP address to ensure emails and Queues make it to your employee's inbox. 

Virtual Assistant- The ability to share content on behalf of other at your company (with their permission of course) For more info click here

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)- Restrict the abilities of your Admins based on group. For more info click here

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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