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Why should your company use Clearview Social?
Why should your company use Clearview Social?

Is this software right for your company's needs?

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Why do firms need Clearview Social?

One of the biggest untapped resources of any company are the combined social networks of the company's team members. On average an employee has over 1,000 combined connections on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. How much more awareness about your firm would their be if you had 100 employees sharing firm generated content to their connections?

How does Clearview Social work?

Clearview Social allows a designated marketer within a firm to send short emails out to their team members suggesting articles for them to share to their network. Employees open the email, and in one click can schedule designated articles to be shared out to their individual social networks.

How does Clearview Social connect the email to the individual social media account of the users?

When a new user is added, they are sent a link to their company email address, once they click on this link they are given the option to connect: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Once they have connected, the web-based software will remember them, and they won't need to enter their social media credentials again. 

What if we have shared connections in our organization? Will our shared connections see multiple shares repeated over and over again? 

No. On LinkedIn and Facebook when multiple people share the same article, the shares are combined into a single share with a heading above it that says "Here's what your network is talking about." It then has a comment from each person sharing the article below that. 

What is the return on investment (ROI) from using Clearview Social? Or in other words, how will this help us make more money?

With over 70 firms using Clearview Social we've collected numerous case studies on the success of getting your team members involved in sharing. One of my favorite examples is Beach Fleishcmann LLP. In their first year using Clearview Social they increased traffic from LinkedIn to their firm content by over 1300% and brought in an additional 124 online leads (as compared to the previous year). They estimate these leads will convert into hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business. 

How is this different from Hootsuite or BufferApp?

Hootsuite and BufferApp each work great for powerusers (highly engaged social media users) to manage and take ownership of their own social media strategy. Clearview Social is designed to help on the other extreme: busy, time-starved employees that won't participate in social media unless it is made extremely simple. Simplicity is one of our core value at Clearview Social and everything we build is designed to simplify the lives of our users. 

Who chooses the content sent to users of Clearview Social?

Generally the admin will choose which articles are sent to users, but there are "Industry Feeds" to choose from that will send daily and weekly queues to your team members automatically. You can also load in RSS feeds from any sites that are relevant to your social media strategy and have those automated to send out content to share to groups or individuals using the software.  90% of the content currently sent out by admins is content created by their company.

Why all the law firm clients? Can other types of companies benefit from Clearview Social as well?

In full disclosure, Clearview Social was created by a recovering lawyer for extremely busy lawyers so that firms could tap into the amazing networks of those same lawyers. Turns out, features like "one click" sharing and "share-all" and "PeakTime Scheduling" appeal to companies of all types and sizes. Clearview Social is being used by 20 of the 100 largest law firms in America, but it is now being used by recruiting firms, accounting firms, real estate brokerages, technology companies, insurance companies and many others. 

What if my team members don't use Clearview Social?

Our job is to make it easy for you and for them. It's your job to incentivize them to participate. Encouragement helps, but competitions and real incentives in terms of prizes or even cash work better. Teach them why sharing is going to help move forward the mission of your company and then invest resources in making sure they are properly motivated to share their valuable network.

How long does it take to setup our account?

Your organization can be set up on Clearview Social in less than 15 minutes. To add users, you simply add their names and email addresses, or you can mass upload all of you users at once using our provided CSV template. 

Can we segment our company into groups?

Absolutely! The access tier your organization is purchasing determines the maximum number of distinct groups can add, but you will always have the option to send messages to all your users. 

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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