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How To Rollout Clearview Social with Large Firms
How To Rollout Clearview Social with Large Firms

The steps for admins to take when rolling out to a large organization.

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Step 1: Find champions.

The most direct route to finding champions is usually by building on existing success in content creation. Which group or groups creates the most content in your firm? Or alternatively, which group creates the most successful content? What makes the content successful? The most successful content helps build the firm’s reputation in a high growth practice area. You want Clearview Social to help build on that success. Think of Clearview Social as a lever. It is a force multiplier, so the larger the opportunity, the larger the result.

Step 2: Create Accounts for new Clearview Social users.

Admins can create new users individually or upload a spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of all new users for larger groups. Before you add them as users, it is essential that you or the leader of the group sends an email giving them a head’s up. Click Here to see two examples of what your email could say (we encourage you to copy and paste either of those templates, or customize them with your own language).

Step 3: Plan a Coordinated Launch.

In organizations of every size, everybody is busy, so the easiest way to coordinate the launch is around some other existing meeting. A monthly meeting, a major LinkedIn training, or some other meeting that brings everybody together and that ideally includes food. Do not call it software training. Not only does that make it sound boring, it will hurt attendance. It is a firm-supported program to build the firms’ reputation and help professionals bring in more business.

Step 4: Start a Competition.

We have launched Clearview Social with thousands of professionals, and the firms that have by far the greatest success in launching use a competition that involves prizes. The prize doesn’t need to be large, but it must have some real value. When the competition is over and the winner has only bragging rights, we have seen a huge drop in participation as well as enthusiasm. For more information on competitions, please read How To Run Competitions on Clearview Social. One of my favorite simple contests is one that everyone can win. You could have a $250 gift card that will be drawn at random and given to anybody that has shared 5 times in the month. The details of whatever contest you decide on should be clearly outlined at the launch meeting.

Step 5: Send queues regularly.

We typically tell admins they need to send out email queues at least once a week, but during a contest, you should increase the frequency to 2 to 3 times per week. In our experience, this doesn’t work well as a shared task. Other admins can help, but there should be one person that has the mandate to send out regular queues during the contest. What if you don’t have enough original firm content to send out? Don’t worry, you can also send out firm events, media mentions and other industry news that is relevant to your professionals and their network. 

Step 6: Celebrate.

Email out weekly updates to share the progress of the launch, celebrate victories both big and small, give out small awards to the oldest person to share or the booby prize for the person with the fewest LinkedIn connections. Make it fun, because when people are having fun you have their attention and they are willing to learn. When the contest completes, make sure there is a big email that goes out or that the winner is announced as part of the next monthly meeting. Your execution of this first pilot group is fundamental to building out Clearview Social to the rest of your firm.

Step 7: Go Global. 

Now that you have one successful pilot group and a model for the rest of the firm, look for the next best groups to work with. You can add as many new groups to the firm as you have dedicated admins that can send weekly emails. If you need outside help to launch additional firms, feel free to reach out to to schedule a webinar or in-person training by a member of our team of certified social media trainers. 

Step 8: Be patient. 

Keep in mind that almost half of every large organization belongs to groups that are referred to as “laggards” and the “late majority.” Innovators have given this late coming group those names for a reason: they are slow to adopt new technology. Be patient, build on your successes, and over time even the least tech-savvy professionals can be convinced that they have time to click one button every now and again. 

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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