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Scheduling recurring obligations with the Editorial Calendar.

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The Editorial Calendar allows an admin to assign and schedule recurring obligations for blog posts. You can find the calendar under the Calendar link in the navigation menu. (If you don't see this option, talk to your PostHaste administrator about changing your account permissions.)

The calendar will show a single month at a time. Dates outside of the selected month will be grayed out. Empty days appear in white, while days with scheduled posts appear in blue.

Clicking on one of the blue days will show who has been assigned to create a post for that day. To add a new assignment, drag a name from the left column onto the calendar.

Click an assignment on the right to open the scheduling options. You can choose what time of day posts are due. (This is in military/24-hour time.) Each person can be scheduled for a one-off assignment or a weekly, biweekly (twice a month), or monthly. Reminder emails can be sent up to two days before a post is due.

When a post is coming due, the post author will receive an email reminding them, based on the reminder options as show above.

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