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We'll walk you through sharing step-by-step. It's easier than you think!

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Once you've successfully connected your accounts to Clearview Social, sharing articles to those networks is as simple as one click.

Sharing From Email

Most of your articles are going to come to you through Queue emails sent to you by your Clearview Social administrators.

Sharing from email is as easy as clicking either the Share button or the Share All button at the bottom of the email. Share All will schedule every message in the email to be shared.

Sharing from the Your Shares Page

For the purposes of this article, we're going to walk through sharing items already sent. First, head to the Content page.

You'll notice that your article is at the top of the list of articles to share. Click on the blue Share button. A popup will appear with options and information on your share.

By default, articles are shared using our PeakTime™ algorithm. You can learn more about PeakTime™ and how to turn it off in What is PeakTime™?

Below, there will be a row of buttons allowing you to select or deselect which networks to share to. Only the accounts that you have connected will appear.

Active networks appear in their normal full color. Inactive networks—networks that will not be shared to—will appear gray. You can click any of these buttons to limit which networks your share goes out to.

Next is the comment, if any, that your administrator has set for the article.

You can enter your own comment or leave it as is. This comment will appear next to the article when it is shared to your social networks. If you don't want to share at all or have changed your mind, click Cancel Share.

There is also a character count that is used to track the length of the comment. When sharing to Twitter, comments that exceed the 280 character count will not be shared. We show you this count so that you can craft your comments while successfully staying in the limits of the platform. You will see the character count when editing comments in "Edit All" mode, or when editing the Twitter card in "Advanced Editing" mode.

You may wonder why this limit is enforced even when you don't have Twitter connected. This is because Clearview Social allows you to connect a new social network at any time, and will retroactively opt a Share into that new network. We want to make sure that Shares will successfully post for all our users at any time, even after they add a new network to existing Shares.

Twitter users may also notice that this box allows less than the usual 280 character count. This is to allow space for the link to the article and the image that's attached.

Below is the image, headline, and description of the article. Generally, you won't need to edit these but feel free if you'd like.

At the very bottom are the buttons that finish off your share.

You will see a prompt at the top of the screen saying "Scheduled with Peaktime", meaning your share will be shared using our Peaktime algorithm. If you want your share to go out right now, click Share Immediately. If you would like to post to a Facebook page or profile you can click on Share to Profile via the advanced editing settings. You can always share again later.

To learn about the difference between Facebook pages and Facebook profiles, check out:

If you've approved the post to go out as scheduled, it'll appear in the blue Scheduled Shares section on the right side of the page.

You can still edit the share by clicking the Edit button, up until it's scheduled to go out.

If you choose to Share Immediately, you'll see a window like this with links to each post on your social networks.

Sharing Manually

If you come across a link you'd like to share, you can copy and paste the link into the box at the top of the Content page. 

This will open up the same window as shown above, allowing you to edit then approve the article's information before it goes out.

Sharing Industry News & User-Added Content

You can also discover professional news and content to share through our Industry News page, or add your own feeds to share content.  Learn more about Sharing Industry News.

We also have a handy video covering how to share content:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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