A common point of confusion for users is the difference between what LinkedIn reports as Views versus what we report as Clicks. LinkedIn does not allow third parties such as Clearview Social to access the number of times your Share has been viewed on LinkedIn (nor does Facebook or Twitter). Instead, we track the number of times your Share has been clicked.

What is a View?

A ”View” is when someone either naturally comes across your content on Linkedin or views your posts without having to click on anything specific.

What Counts as a Click?

A “Click” is when a LinkedIn user clicks on one of your posts to read the full article, watch the accompanying video, or visits your website.

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing support@clearviewsocial.com or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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