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How to use Virtual Assistant to automatically share to a user's social network.

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What is Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant is a tool that is available to every Clearview Social admin at every tier we offer here, this feature automatically sends content out to a User's social network without the User having to log in and approve every post before it goes out. The User can still edit shares before they are scheduled to go out, but no action is necessary.

Enabling Virtual Assistant for a User

Virtual Assistant can be turned on or off by editing a User's entry in the User Management page.

Once enabled, the User will receive an email notifying them that Virtual Assistant has been turned on.

Users can even activate the Virtual Assistant feature here within their User Settings:

The User will need to occasionally log in to keep their Facebook tokens active every 60 days. LinkedIn requires an occasional log in every 12 months or 365 days. (This is required by LinkedIn and Facebook to ensure shares are not sent to inactive accounts.) We'll send them a reminder when their tokens are about to expire.

Sending a Virtual Assistant-Enabled Queue

When building a new Queue, you can choose to send to individual Virtual Assistant users or to groups of Virtual Assistant users by selecting the User or Group from the bottom of the Sharing to: dropdown.

All items in the Queue will be automatically scheduled to go out via Peaktime after the approved Queue is sent or shared immediately if the Queue is sent immediately.

When the Queue is sent to the user, they will be notified by a special message at the top of the Queue email:

The rest of the Queue will appear as normal and the User can click the Share button to edit their scheduled share.

When the user logs in, they will have a sidebar full of scheduled shares from the most recent Queue. No action is required on their part, allowing even the laziest User to get involved in sharing.

Note: When building a queue, admins don’t have to select the users Virtual Assistant's group if they already have Virtual Assistant enabled and are already in a group. They will be sent the chosen queue regardless.

We have prepared a video on this topic for your consideration:

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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