Have An Ambassador User

Identify a star from your existing user base to act as a spokeperson for Clearview Social. Who's a non-administrative user that's in the #1 or #2 spot on the Leaderboard? If you had a contest, who won it? In our experience, there's a wide base of users who understand and use the software at a satisfactory level, but then there's often that one superstar who takes it above and beyond, sharing enthusiastically.

Here at Clearview Social, our founder Adrian Dayton may have brought in just a few more clicks to our firm's content than the rest of the team.

Identify your pilot group's equivalent to Adrian and ask them to spread the word about Clearview Social within your organization. As an admin, you will be the most important driver of content and adoption, but your other users might identify more with a fellow rockstar user than they do someone from the Marketing department or the like.

Be Clear About What They'll Be Sharing

A major source of anxiety as a team prepares to adopt Clearview is uncertainty over what they'll be expected to share. Stubborn users often express fears that they will appear unauthentic sharing firm content, but often they're imagining very shallow pieces. They don't understand yet what a rich diet of interesting firm news, thought leadership by their own peers, and industry buzz you intend to serve to them.

Try defusing these fears by screen-capping one of the richest queues you've sent so far and using it as an example of how interesting social media sharing is. Or, direct them to the Twitter account of your Ambassador User from above, so they can see that in practice, Clearview Social usage looks like regular, healthy, social media usage.

Users sometimes express reluctance to us that they'll seem insincere when they share firm content and thinkpieces, but the Timelines of people who share Clearview Social content regularly (such as Joel Tragesser here) actually seem quite interesting & authentic.

Use Data Exports To Have Numbers on Shares, Clicks, and EMV Ready

At the end of the day, numbers talk and Clearview Social lets you export all your data so that you can be prepared to offer concrete evidence that Clearview Social usage is justified in expanding throughout your company.

Try using Export & Download to CSV on the Leaderboard page and opening the .csv file in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. With some summing and averaging operations, you can be prepared to provide numbers to other teams such as how many clicks Clearview Social has brought in or the average Earned Media Value you see from every user.

When you download a .csv, it will just be raw data, but basic spreadsheet manipulation can turn this into information that impresses management.

Prepare Some Talking Points

Sometimes users are simply flat-out skeptical that social media is worth their time, and that's an obstacle you will encounter at every point in adoption. But, one thing that's never in short supply is thought leadership about the value of sharing online. Put together a little portfolio of articles that you find convincing to help bring the skeptics over to your side.

Our founder, Adrian Dayton, has for almost a decade run a blog that's focused on the merits of sharing content online publicly and through Legal firms, it's a great place to start: Social Media For Lawyers.

Our entire staff at Clearview Social is very passionate about social media, so if you are hungry for the latest in social media usage advocacy, just start a conversation using the Chat in our application and we'll help you track down white papers, blogs, thinkpieces, and our own experiences to help you assemble your talking-points portfolio for selling the skeptics.

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing support@clearviewsocial.com or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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