Sharing original content is now a possibility within Clearview Social; you can create an image-only share, a text-only share, or even a share with both. Not every share is necessitated to have a link. 

Sharing an image or text to your network

By visiting the Your Shares Page and clicking Create Share, you can select an image to upload and/ or text to include in your share:

You can schedule your share with Peaktime or Share Immediately. If scheduled with Peaktime, visit your Scheduled Shares column to make any necessary sharing adjustments. 

Sharing an image or text in a Queue

You can also add an Original Post to a Queue you are building and suggest the content to your organization as well. To do that, start by visiting the Build Queues Page and open the Queue or start a new Queue by clicking Create Queue

Build your queue as normal, but when you go to add your content, click on Create Share. You will then be able to upload a photo and/or text and add it to your Queue. 


  • When uploading an image, refer to the Image Size Guide
  • You can share an Image and/ or text: together or separately. 
  • Currently, there is no separate customization option for text only to individual forms of Social Media. So make sure your text is appropriate for all 3 forms. 

Tracking Results

Shares will be tracked as normal inside the Results page, Queue Engagement and Analytics.

Clicks are not tracked when using Original Posts. This is because images and text are not normally clicked on when they are shared. 

Earned Media Value is not tracked either, due to the fact that there are no keywords to be pulled in through Google Analytics and no clicks to be tracked. 

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