The LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

During this working session Professionals will bring their laptops to a conference room and follow along on their laptops as Adrian Dayton walks them through step-by-step how to build out their LinkedIn profiles. The best part is that at the end of the training, they will have a 90% complete profile and a clear strategy for finishing the rest and beginning to use their LinkedIn account more actively

10 Ways to Bring in Business with LinkedIn in Five Minutes or Less

Professionals want to learn to use social media, but most of them fear it will be too complicated or just too hard to make work on a regular basis. In this session, the lawyers will learn quick hits that will make it easy to use LinkedIn each day in a meaningful way

7 Habits of LinkedIn Rainmakers

Rainmakers do things differently, but more than anything they develop powerful habits that help drive real revenue. In this session, Adrian Dayton will share common habits that he has observed after coaching hundreds of Professionals and speaking to tens of thousands of people. This is a more advanced session that is not recommended for beginners

All trainings are available via webinar or in person. Contact us ( for pricing. 

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