To celebrate the long-awaited release of our mobile app, the organization with:

  • the highest percentage of total Clearview Social users to download our mobile app 
  • the organization with the highest total number of Clearview Social users to download the app

Will each win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Admins, we know how hard you work to get your company content distributed. Here's another chance for you to get rewarded for all your hard work!

Available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play


  • Must be a current Clearview Social client to participate
  • Must have a minimum of 25 Clearview Social users to participate
  • One prize per organization
  • One winner per category
  • Ties will be decided with by a random drawing 
  • Gift Cards will be delivered virtually to winner's email addresses
  • Clearview Social is not responsible for lost or stolen gift codes
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