Below are instructions on how to connect and then Share to your Facebook Page. (A sub page of your personal Facebook Account)

To connect to your Facebook Page, visit your settings page and click on the page you'd like to connect:


Now you're all ready to share! To Share to your page, simply click Share from a Queue Email or your Share Page. Then click Share with PeakTime or Share Immediately and the content will be shared to your connected Facebook Page.

You can only have one Facebook page attached at a time.  Please note that if you want to post to a different page or account,  it has to be swapped out.

When you click on Share or Share All in an email queue, your content will automatically be scheduled out to the attached Facebook page and not your Facebook account.

In order to connect a Facebook page, you must have your Facebook account connected.  This should be the case if the Facebook logo is active like in the image below.  

Any Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact Clearview Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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