Clearview Social LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Ok, it isn't real cheating. I would never condone that, but we are opening up the vault at Clearview Social and sharing with you what I've learned in training over 10,000 lawyers worldwide on LinkedIn.

Don't think you can remember it all? No worries after the live webinar we will email your very own copy of the Clearview Social LinkedIn Cheat Sheet.  Only caveat, you must attend the webinar.

What can you expect to learn during the webinar?

  • Strive for 5 (five things EVERY LinkedIn profile needs)
  • Power 10 (these are the top LinkedIn profile tips that separate out the mediocre from the power users.)
  • A quick teaser of our soon to be released research of the LinkedIn profiles of more than 150,000 lawyers in the AmLaw 200. Learn how your firm stacks up.

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