You can now share content directly to Company Pages through ClearView Social.

Enabling Company Posting

If you are a ClearView Social administrator, you will see a link in the sidebar menu that will take you to the Company Settings page:

The Company Settings page contains two important settings for managing the use of Company Pages:

  1. If you are the Primary Administrator for your Team, you are allowed to limit the scope of editing Company Settings to yourself.  Simply click the option "Only I may queue for the company account and view this page."  If you are not the Primary Administrator, you will not see this section.
  2. To enable posting to Company Pages, click the Posting Disabled button.

Selecting Pages for Sharing

Once you click the button to Enable Company Posting, you will be able to see the pages on both LinkedIn and Facebook for which you have sharing rights.  There will also be a Twitter button that functions in the same way as the button to connect your Twitter account on the User Settings page, but this will allow you to connect a second Twitter account for your company Twitter.

  1. Select one of the available LinkedIn pages to share to that page using Company Posting.  Note: You may only have one page selected at a given time!
  2. Click the Twitter button to authorize a corporate Twitter account for posting via ClearView Social.  We suggest logging out of your current Twitter account to prevent automatically re-authorizing a personal account.
  3. Select one of the available Facebook pages to share to that page using Company Posting.  Note: You may only have one page selected at a given time!

Other Settings for Company Posting

In addition to selecting company pages to which you would like to post content, you can also set the Timezone and Triple-Posting settings for your Company Account.

  1. Select to either post to Twitter three times (default) or post just once.
  2. Select the relevant timezone for posting to your company's respective pages (will default to your current browser's timezone).

Now it's time to start sharing!

Adding a Company Page to a Queue

Once you have selected pages to receive shares, a Company Account will receive posts in the same way a Virtual Assistant does: Queue contents will be automatically scheduled using our PeakTime algorithm.  To select a Company Account to be the recipient of a Queue, use the provided dropdown on the Build Queues page:

Now, when the Queue is sent, the Primary Administrator will be notified of the shares and what times they are scheduled to post!

The Results are in!

Once your content is shared you can view it on your Company Page:

Company posts will not factor into Leaderboard standings, but they will be included when you export your team's activity on ClearView Social using our export feature.

Editing Company Shares

As an admin, you can also edit your Company Shares through the same interface that you use to edit your own shares.  To get there, you can select "Company Shares" from the dropdown from Your Shares:

The Company Shares page uses the familiar interface of Your Shares, but remember!  All actions taken will apply to your Company Account posts.

  1. The page title acts as a friendly reminder that you are editing Company Shares
  2. You can edit details of a currently scheduled share, including individual scheduled share times.
  3. Click "Your Shares" in the dropdown to discontinue editing Company Shares and return back to Your Shares.

We hope you enjoy using ClearView Social to schedule content for sharing to your teams' Company Pages!

Additional Troubleshooting Tips and FAQs

I do not see the Company Settings link in my navigation menu.

  • If you are not the primary administrator for your team, let your primary admin know that you cannot see the link.  They may have restricted access to this page.

I am an administrator of our company's Facebook page, but I don't see it in the list of pages.

  • Facebook requires extended permissions we recently acquired to view and post to public pages from our software.  If you have an existing Facebook account connected through ClearView Social, that account may be using a reduced set of permissions.  You will want to disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account using the Settings page.

What times will ClearView Social choose to post to our company's page?

  • ClearView Social will by default use PeakTime to determine the best time to share content depending on what networks you are connected with.  If you are connected to Twitter, triple-posting, aka "ICYMI" is turned on as well.

Further Questions?

If there is anything else we can assist you with, you can contact ClearView Social Support either by emailing or through the Intercom chat button in the bottom right of the site.

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